question if this job should be a red flag or not

While the job described is regarding software QA, the tone of the title and question lean towards asking if the job posting is legitimate or a scam. This seems more opinion orientated, and I'm not sure if red-lining job postings helps educate the community on QA and testing.

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I don't think that the job being software QA makes it on topic for this site. The job could be filleting fish, and the question would be the same - is it legit, etc?

This particular question looks off-topic to me on at least a couple of counts:

  1. The content isn't particularly about software testing.
  2. It's too localised - it's about one specific job posting, not about trends.
  3. Asking for opinions.

In the more general case, I would say that I would be surprised if a question about a specific QA job posting didn't fall under one of the above. I can think of some questions you might ask about recruiting/looking for roles that would be of general interest to the community, but I honestly can't think of a way a posting about a specific role is going to be of interest to anyone except the poster.

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