So you posted a question about a Selenium selector that doesn't work, and now it's been downvoted or closed for lack of information. What minimum information should you have provided, and why?

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    Ideally, reviewers can link every under-specified Selenium selector question with a link to the answers to this. In fact, maybe we need a button for that.
    – user246
    Apr 16 '15 at 12:24

State what you are trying to accomplish.

Show your error message. It is not enough to say, "It doesn't work." Sometimes the error message contains valuable information that will help someone answer your question.

Show your code. Don't just saw what your code does; shows the actual code. Take the time to format it properly.

Show the page that your code fails on. Sometimes a page is too big to fit into a question. In that case, who a fragment that illustrates the page's structure.

State which Selenium version number you are using.

State which browser and browser version number you are using.

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