In case I am missing it or it is biting me in the face, is there a way I can view the list of the:

  • most viewed question
  • most voted question
  • most answered question

I`m looking for an all time span not the monthly option we have.

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Most viewed question: Choose Questions, then Frequent. That's the all time list ordered by number of views.

Most voted question: Questions, then Votes. This gives you the all time by votes list.

There isn't a view of questions by number of answers, but many of the most viewed and most voted questions have a lot of answers.


This should be under Meta, but the Question there was closed:

View Most Popular Questions by favorite count / views / votes

This answer by Ambo100 is more detailed, but the query is also more complex: https://meta.stackexchange.com/a/252164/382589

The answer below was adapted from the comment from Aquarius Power.

select top 20 Id as [Post Link], ViewCount
from Posts
order by ViewCount desc


Just edit the 'stackoverflow' in the URL to whatever site you want to search, like below:


All SE sites sorted by traffic (visits/day) for reference:



Can also search for views:400000 for example, to see all questions with lots of views.



shows (at time of writing) the top viewed question.

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