In the first day there were several questions that were closed that I think should be reopened and probably set as community wiki. One was about what makes up a good bug report, and what makes a good tester. The good tester one was clearly noted as on on topic question as part of the definintion. Yes - it will be somewhat subjective but I suspect there will be a fair amount of shared information. I fully believe that questions like this have thier place on this site. Thoughts?

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    Testing as a subject is on-topic, but that doesn't mean any question ever about testing is on-topic. Commented May 3, 2011 at 23:54

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I think they do have a place on this site - but I can see why they've been closed at this stage. They're pretty generic questions - if I hit the front page of the site and all I saw was that kind of question, I would probably assume there wasn't that much of interest for me here and move on. Once the site is better established, then I think re-opening those questions as community wiki would be fine - a lot of testing questions don't have one true answer - that's what makes testing challenging as a profession.


Books, I'd say belong as "community wiki". The other one, probably is going to stay closed as argumentative and subjective.

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