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We have a fair number of "what are some blogs|podcasts|web sites|books" questions that should definitely (IMO) be community wiki.

What I haven't figured out is how we mark questions for community wiki? As far as I can tell, there's no way to do it by editing a question, nor a way select community wiki when asking a question. I know other sites have community wiki - is this something that gets turned on later, or has something changed/

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Here's my meta post about it:

Where did the CW flag go?

Bottom line is: only moderators can force a question to be community wiki. Answers can be made community wiki by their authors (or by editors, I believe.) Questions can be converted into community wiki by the system if there are too many edits within a particular period of time.


Because of wide-spread confusion and misuse of the community wiki setting, community wiki for QUESTIONS has been scaled back considerably (link).

Questions can no longer be set to community wiki, except by a moderator. If you feel that a question really needs to be community wiki, you can flag it for moderator attention.


We have provided some additional guidance at the blog:


TL;DR version

Most of the time, you should be asking yourself “How can I improve this post so that community wiki isn’t needed?” Community wiki is like a cheese knife: it is a specialized tool to be used sparingly, and only in very specific circumstances.

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