I came across this question:

  • "What additional benefits does an QA /Developer engineer bring to a project"
  • ... and the first thing it reminded me of is a similar question being asked in recent past:

  • "What benefit does having developer experience or background have on the effectiveness of a tester?"
  • As the community grows, the duplication of questions will increase.

    How do we promote and encourage users to search before asking a questions?

    How do we deal with the duplicate threads? Maybe, provide the link to the previously asked (and answered) question and close the duplicate question?

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    At 250 rep, you get an option to close a question.

    250     Vote to close, reopen, or migrate your questions 

    One of the reasons for closing is exact duplicate, at which point you're prompted for a link to the duplicated question.

    There's a post on the main meta (that doesn't sound right...) that covers a lot of the standard questions about duplicates. Check it out here!

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