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In few cases, Can we restrict the question before getting posted?

I am observing some of the users are asking questions on SQA Stack exchange platform, in a way that its customer support for IT industry. I am really feel un-happy for those who are having power and ...
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How do we handle duplicate questions and promote the idea of 'search before asking'

I came across this question: "What additional benefits does an QA /Developer engineer bring to a project" ... and the first thing it reminded me of is a similar question being asked in recent past: ...
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4 votes
3 answers

What's the most appropriate stack-exchange site to post my selenium autotest coding questions?

Hi, I was wondering whether I should be posting questions like this one or this one, on SQA, or on StackOverflow where I originally put them? The reason I ask, is because I see a lot of tech type ...
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Are questions about hiring QA engineers appropriate?

I've had a lot of trouble finding good QA engineers — this is kinda a burning question for me, I need to hire someone right now! And if the answer is no, I'd really appreciate some suggestions about ...
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