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Selenium is a free (open source) automated testing suite for web applications across different browsers and platforms.

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There is a new Selenium 4 version that does some things a fair bit differently than selenium 3, should get its own tag?

There is a new Selenium 4 version that does some things a fair bit differently than selenium 3 As A result it seems that it should get its own tag. The changes include but are not limited to: New ...
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Handling questions about selenium for web-scraping

Recently, this question was asked on the SQA site: python selenium webdriver. It is about all a Python script that uses Selenium to extract some data from a website. But, even though Selenium is used ...
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What are our standards about Selenium questions?

I've been wavering back and forth about this site. I want to contribute, but on any given day, I tend to see a lot of super basic "How do I click a button with Selenium" questions and not a lot of ...
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Is it wrong to publicize the SQA site on Stack Exchange?

So I had a question posted here asking about how we can attract existing selenium users to post questions on SQA site One response was (which I also marked as right response) - "add a comment ...
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How do we promote selenium users to post questions in the form of questions?

I've noticed that there are a lot of the Selenium and Selenium 2 questions that have a title that is not in the form of the question and that, in the body, there really isn't a definitive "How do I" ...
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How should Selenium and Selenium 2 related questions be tagged?

At Stackexchange there are two tags for selenium and selenium2 to distinguish between both versions. I think this is important because they are very different from each other. On the other hand ...
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