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This is for browsing questions that talk about whether things are on or off-topic. It's about site-boundaries. Mainly the purpose is for refining searches.

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Are questions on yaml for testng coding on topic?

I wanted to ask a question on structuring common and test-specific data in yaml files for using with DataProviders in TestNG. However, there is no tag for yaml so I don't know if this belongs on SQA ...
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Help center desperately needs more detail

The help/on-topic page needs some love. Right now it consists of a total of one sentence of guidance on what is on-topic: "Software Quality Assurance & Testing Stack Exchange is for software ...
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Seeking feedback: Should Code Reviews be allowed here?

User Antony Naveen has been asking questions to review his Selenium code. Example questions: Can you check this code? Can you check this POM design Pattern? One of these questions was put on hold ...
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Site scope - are questions asking about how to test and/or alter your specific design to be better testable on-topic?

I'm primarily active on Code Review, where we review people's code. Someone posted a question there that was about improving the testability of their code. You'll need 10k rep to see it, so here's a ...
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