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What should our FAQ contain?

On reading The 7 Essential Meta Questions of Every Beta I thought I should ask the question and suggest a starting point. With content unashamedly stolen from Superuser and Stack overflow. Software ...
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Are the "Is selenium better than QTP?"questions appropriate

Whilst there is definitely some technical merit to these types of questions, the "Is selenium better than QTP?" questions, they quickly become argumentative and personal opinion based. Should they be ...
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2 answers

Do we need a dictionary/glossary of testing language/terms?

I tend to use the term functional test in different ways than Ruby on Rails developers. I worry that because test definitions for things like functional tests, regression tests, mocks, stubs and ...
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Should we exclude any how do i pass exam X or prepare for certification y types of questions

One thing that I think will be important is to try and keep the Q&A on this site of high value. One of the lowest value types of questions that I know of are interview prep types of questions for ...
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Is this question appropriate for SQA?

I, personally, think that Is the "Joel Test" appropriate when looking for a QA job is a great question. That said - given how subjective it is and the fact that there really is no one right answer ...
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How would we attract Selenium users to ask question on SQA site than on StackOveflow?

As we all know area51 selenium proposal was merged in to SQA forum. And there are already selenium tags on StackOveflow. Challenge would be to have Selenium questions coming to SQA site. So - Will ...
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Flamebait topics - how do we want to deal with them?

In my experience, most testing forums have a few contentious topics that attract much heat, and very little light. The "certification" fracas is one example - I'm sure people can come up with others. ...
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2 answers

Dealing with a few closed questions...Books, what makes a good tester etc.

In the first day there were several questions that were closed that I think should be reopened and probably set as community wiki. One was about what makes up a good bug report, and what makes a good ...
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The [testing] tag - do we need it?

The title pretty much says it all. Is the testing tag really necessary here? I think that would be like having a [software-development] tag on StackOverflow. Is there any benefit to it?
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How should Selenium and Selenium 2 related questions be tagged?

At Stackexchange there are two tags for selenium and selenium2 to distinguish between both versions. I think this is important because they are very different from each other. On the other hand ...
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