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I agree to divide between a Microsoft and a general tag. But only creating a "UI-automation" tag would be too less in my opinion. The "Microsoft tag" should be renamed too to make clear that it's not the general one. Depending on how many questions are flagged right/wrong (in case of using the existing tag) we could make a new one for Microsoft and use the ...


Yes, the Tag info has exactly the same description and from the terminology as well it seems they would serve similar purposes. I think they can be merged to avoid ambiguity. Quoting from an accepted answer on All good tag synonyms should eventually be merged (source). This retags all questions tagged with a synonym – which is ...


To prevent this tag from showing up again, I've blocked the test tag:


The honest answer is we don't. But removing a tag is not so easily done. Each question has to have it removed and still be properly tagged (even if it's closed). Simply put a tag that has questions on it can't be removed. Once it's removed from all questions, then we can go about blacklisting it. And to blacklist it, we have to get Stack Exchange staff ...


An excellent idea. Done and done. Merged and mapped. Thanks! Note I didn't add status-complete because that is for feature requests and bug fixes. :-)


It doesn't serve a purpose. It was placed there by a high rep user as to send a message to the moderators to delete it. If something should be deleted, I recommend using a flag instead. I've taken care of the offending question, and the tag will go away on its own.


I can see where it would be useful to have a separate tags for selenium, selenium2, webdriver, and selenium-webdriver. For the most part, Selenium2 should cover it, however, I've created the new tag.


Wow I'm a little late to the party. That no one showed up for. Yikes. Yes, absolutely that's welcome. There's dozens of questions about Jenkins, and it seems Travis is similar. I've created a travis-ci tag and put it on an existing question about Travis. Note that the tag will be deleted if a new Travis question isn't posted in 6 months (that's just how it ...


If people aren't going to actively tag their post with a language binding, they should at least specify in the OP what language they're using. The vast majority of Selenium questions posted don't specify. On StackOverflow everyone uses tags to indicate the language. Not sure why it would have a different meaning here.

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